Does Donald Trump Represent Us?

In this article found on CNN, it says that Donald Trump had tremendous success at the New Hampshire primaries despite offering absolutely no political philosophy. It is also saying that he is a narcissist and I believe that is an overstatement because while he is somewhat self-involved he is in no way a narcissist. But as for him giving no political philosophy, I completely agree. Trump offered nothing besides “I will make this country great again.”

The Real Question on Gun Control

The story says that gun’s are more dangerous in certain areas. For example, in Chicago, guns are far more dangerous than in rural areas where people shoot for sport. I agree because in Chicago, 55 people were shot in the last 7 days, and have you ever heard of a mass shooting in rural areas? More than likely not.

This impacts me because the gun control laws need to be sufficient, but not too over-bearing, so that we can be safe but not held iron-fisted by the government.

This impacts the world because no one wants to live in a world where the gun control laws aren’t sufficient and could be shot up at any time during the day.

Making A Murderer

There is a Netflix series called “Making A Murderer” and it is about a man named Steven Avery who was convicted of a rape and murder of a girl and sent to prison for 18 years based off of one piece of evidence. The witness drawing which perfectly matched up with Steven. The thing is that the drawing matched up with Avery from 8 years before the rape and murder. 18 years after he was sent to prison, a pubic hair was found at the scene and it matched up with another man. They then released him from prison. A couple years later, a young girl went missing right after being seen at the Avery’s property. After a search was conducted, they found nothing on the Avery land. The next search they suddenly found the girl’s car, and her keys with Steven Avery’s blood in the car. When they looked at the vile of Avery’s blood from the trial before, they found that the vile had been opened and tampered with. Soon, they brought Steven Avery’s nephew into the trial. Brendan Dassey, Avery’s nephew, clearly is not right in the head from the interviews you can clearly see he is autistic. The police officers lie to Brendan and say if he confesses he will be free and nothing will happen. The police officers tell him what to say, and he says it. He and Steven Avery get convicted of the rape and murder of this girl and are sent to prison where they are to this day.

This affects me because it is dumb that they are clearly innocent and will have to spend the rest of their lives in prison while someone is running free of the murder of this girl.

This affects the world because if it keeps happening, there will possibly be a revolution or something even worse.

I suggest you watch this series if you are interested.

Should The U.S. Show Compassion for Syrian Refugees?

The New York Post author, James S. Gordon, states that we should show compassion to the Syrian refugees because it would be helpful and hopeful. Although it would, in fact be extremely helpful and hopeful to the refugees, I believe that it would not be worth the risk of opening our borders to ISIS. People may think they know everything going on in the middle east at this time, but the truth is, no one knows. ISIS is not a country therefore they can remain “under the radar” very easily.

This affects me because I have never had to live with a war going on on our turf. The last war fought on American soil was the Civil War and if we opened our borders to Syrian refugees which could very well be opening our borders to ISIS, we are making ourselves very likely for attack.

This affects the world because if a war starts on American soil, rather than it being fought in Europe, ISIS becomes even more of a world issue, which is just what they want. ISIS wants to be the big shots who can pretty much “rule the world.”

Senate Votes to Repeal ObamaCare

According to CNN, Thursday, November 3, 2015, 

The Senate Thursday approved on a largely party line vote a budget bill that would repeal Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood , two top priorities of Republicans who control the chamber. 

This affects the world because if they repeal ObamaCare, the people who are getting done wrongly by it, such as veterans, will be relieved because they are currently being treated like they are nothing even though they are the people who fight for our country. And if they defund Planned Parenthood that would make anti-abortion people happy, but people that are pro-abortion will be unhappy.

This affects me because ObamaCare is currently making my grandpa, who was a Navy Seal and happens to have a terrible back, put up with his back because he can’t afford surgery. The United States isn’t doing anything to help him. It would be so good for him if they would do away with ObamaCare. Hopefully the government will stop funding Planned Parenthood because abortion is awful in my opinion. Just imagine if the child you are aborting would be able to change the world someday and you aren’t even giving him/her the chance.


Ronda Rousey or Ronda Drowsy?

As most people know Ronda Rousey, the “best” woman MMA fighter was knocked out by Holly Holm. Ronda was so beat up that she can’t fight for six months.

It affects me because I enjoy watching her fights and she can’t fight for six months. I feel like it was just luck from Holly Holm, but still, Ronda Rousey was the best woman MMA fighter I have ever watched. She had one bad fight and now she is out for six months.

It affects the world because everyone will just make fun of her for getting beat up. Ronda Rousey will never be able to live that down.


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7 Babies Found Dead in Germany

Yesterday, Thursday, November 12, 2015, a Wallenfels resident found seven dead bodies in a German apartment.

This affects me because I have a half-brother who is two years old. It could have been him found dead with six other babies in some apartment. Also, whoever did this must have kidnapped the babies because you don’t just have seven babies in your apartment for no reason.

This affects the world because if I lived in the German town where this took place, I would not stay there. If other people have the same mindset, they will move, causing an unbalanced population, causing shortage of jobs. Not even mentioning the cliche “people will protect their babies more.”

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Scottish Exchange Teacher

Due to the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program, Charla Klein, a math teacher at Leaguetown High School, will be traveling to Scotland to teach for the duration of the Fall semester. Klein was one of the 200 who got accepted out of the 4,00 that applied for a foreign exchange. Taking her place will be Loraine Schouller, a Scottish math teacher.

“This was my second time to apply to the Fulbright program,” Charla Klein said. “The first time I was selected as an alternate, and the director encouraged me to reapply this year.”

Some parents are nervous that the Scottish teacher will not know the curriculum very well.

“We are happy for Ms. Klein, but some parents, like myself, are questioning whether a teacher from a foreign country can prepare our students for the TAKS test,” Oscar Ramirez, parent and president of the PTA, said. “The PTA is very proud of our exemplary rating and we want to keep it.”

Schouller can also share some of her culture to Leaguetown, while Klein can share her her culture with the Scottish school.

“My grandparents are from Scotland, so I am personally thrilled that Ms. Schouller is coming here,” Bruce Dubes, principal, said. “I hope that she will be willing to hold some informal meetings so students and faculty can learn more about her country and her culture.”

Unemployment Rate Drops

Recently, according to CNN, the unemployment rate in the U.S. dropped to five percent. More employers started hiring a substantial amount more people driving unemployment rate to an all-time low. This affects me because there is hope that the world will become a better place and it makes me happy that employers aren’t turning down applications of people who are trying to work for a living and not living off of other people’s tax dollars. This affects the world in a positive way because there is hope that maybe someday everyone will choose to do the right thing and work for a living.